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Pre departure testing pilot

This information is for participants in Air New Zealand’s IATA Travel Pass pilot only

What do I need to do?

  1. Please ensure that you have downloaded and completed the profile set up of the IATA Travel Pass app prior to coming to the collection site.

  2. Please download and complete this form and bring the completed form to the collection site. This form will also be available for completion at the collection site if required. If completing at the collection site, please ensure you bring all required information with you.


  3. Bring your physical passport with you to the collection site.

  4. Be well hydrated prior to providing your sample. It will help you salivate, but do not drink water in the 30 minutes prior to providing the sample

  5. Do not eat, vape, smoke, brush your teeth, or use mouth wash for 60 minutes prior to providing the sample.

  6. This trial is only for people who are well and free of symptoms. If you are unwell or have any reason to believe you might have COVID-19, please contact your GP or call Healthline. 

How it works

Provide a saliva sample

Participants will be advised to go to one of Rako’s collection sites at a specified time to provide a small saliva sample. This is a quick and painless process and our collection site staff will guide you through.

The saliva is tested

The sample will be tested for the virus that causes COVID-19 using a validated PCR test. This is a very accurate test that is carried out at an accredited laboratory.

Results will determine if you are 'OK for travel'

Test results will be sent to IATA for addition to each passengers Travel Pass App, and if negative, will be verified as “OK for travel”.

My results

What happens if I test negative?

You will be sent an SMS (text) notification confirming the result. Your IATA Travel Pass app will be updated with the negative test result.  If all conditions of your travel are met, it will show an “OK TO TRAVEL” status.

What happens if I test positive?

Your results are notified (as required by law) to your Regional Health Authority and they will provide you with all necessary directions. You will not be permitted to fly.

Our collection locations

Life Pharmacy Albany

Westfield Albany,

219 Don McKinnon Drive

Albany, Auckland 0632

Life Pharmacy Commercial Bay

Commercial Bay, Shop 12,

Level 1, 7 Queen Street
Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010