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Vaccine is even more important

Rako Science follows the latest scientific data from around the world and is connected to international experts through our partners, University of Illinois and in the last month the latest data on the efficacy of vaccines to prevent serious illness and death is nothing short of phenomenal. We commend the New Zealand Government and the public and private health system for rapidly increasing the rate of vaccination around the country.

There are signs that the new COVID-19 variants are able to achieve breakthrough infections and we are seeing surges in daily cases in countries like Israel that have high rates of vaccination. But the incidence of hospitalisations and deaths in Israel is massively down.

Testing and contract tracing are important complementary tools and will be for quite some time. But there should be no confusion on the critical importance of the work the Ministry of Health is doing to get as many people vaccinated as possible.

So, if you haven't been vaccinated, here for your convenience is the weblink to make a booking now! The risk of vaccination is tiny. Vaccines are safe. Do it.

Book My Vaccine | Ministry of Health NZ (

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