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Test2BSure for all New Zealanders

Rako Science has announced it has launched a Test2BSure PCR saliva test for the New Zealand public across its nationwide network.

“People need and deserve a non-invasive, highly accurate and reliable test so they can make the right decisions in the middle of the pandemic,” Rako Science Director Leon Grice said.

“Results are returned within 24 hours to allow people to make decisions with confidence. We recommend people take our test the day before visiting anyone elderly or anyone who has health vulnerabilities, and, of course, be fully vaccinated and wear a mask.

“People who know they have been a close contact can take Test2BSure two days after a potential infectious exposure and if they are clear then they can be reassured that they are unlikely to spread COVID to friends and family at that moment in time. Rapid antigen tests are not accurate enough to protect the vulnerable and false negatives give false confidence which increases spread,” Leon Grice said.

The cost of a Test2BSure PCR saliva test is $115 through Book a PCR test ( and can be booked online. Rako Science has 16 public collection sites across New Zealand. Rako Science is filling a gap in the market and is leveraging its nationwide collection capability and laboratories.

The Test2BSure PCR saliva test is not subsidised by the Ministry of Health. Rako Science has been available and offering to provide community testing services to the Ministry of Health since December 2020.

Rako Science is a high-tech pathology company offering highly accurate saliva based rt-qPCR tests throughout New Zealand. Rako Science uses the University of Illinois covidSHIELD saliva test that was diagnostically validated and accredited by IANZ in December 2020 and contracted to IGENZ Ltd. Rako Science’s test is the first PCR saliva test accredited in New Zealand and remains the only diagnostically validated test in New Zealand.

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