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Rako supports Genesis to keep lights on

Keeping the Lights On: Huntly Switches to Lockdown Power Plan | Newsroom

Here is a great story on Genesis Energy keeping the lights on with saliva testing. Rako Science has been supporting Genesis Energy since July this year so that saliva testing could be a part of their Alert Level 4 response.

To prepare, Rako Science's team trained their great people to operate our collection site and systems. That meant they could react instantly to a change in alert levels. The contract was designed to be affordable when the risk of community transmission was low and to scale almost immediately to changes in risk.

Implementation of the alert level response by the Genesis Energy at Huntly team was pitch perfect. We are proud to help them keep the lights on. Congratulations to Scott Westbury, pictured below and Neil Crookes who led on site and the rest of the Genesis Energy collection teams and staff. They are hard working, committed Kiwis.

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