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Rako Science and the new gold standard

Updated: May 17, 2022

Last Friday, was one of the greatest days in New Zealand sporting history with Rako Science right there supporting the entire Olympic team and our amazing rowers as the official supplier of pre-departure COVID-19 PCR saliva testing. Rako chair, Sean Colgan and his wife Bibi have been major sponsors for the last five years of the Women and Men Rowing Eight programme.

Rako Science NZOC function

On Friday the team won GOLD, SILVER, GOLD in the women's single, the women's eight and the men's eight taking New Zealand Rowing to an incredible top of the table performance. This was on top of the women's pair GOLD and the women's double sculls SILVER. It was a tour de force for New Zealand women rowers and an historic Hamish Bond led Men's Rowing Eight victory.

Rako Science is proud to be part of the Olympic "gold standard", helping all of our Olympic and Paralympic athletes be tested THREE times before departure, with the most accurate, and ONLY diagnostically validated PCR test in New Zealand. And we are super proud to be associated with Sean and Bibi Colgan, the Colgan Foundation and its incredible contribution to New Zealand rowing.

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