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Super fast turnaround and capacity for 10,000 tests a day

To demonstrate our capability and capacity, Rako Science took a randomised samples of 7,528 completed tests from our database and plotted a histogram of the Laboratory turnaround time. The average laboratory processing time is 193 minutes.

See below.

Pre-Delta August outbreak performance

Before the Delta outbreak, Rako Science’s laboratory, IGENZ processed samples twice a day five days a week and once a day on weekends. Week-day morning collection shifts were processed within an average 6-hour total turnaround time. Samples collected in the week-day afternoons were stored overnight and processed in the morning with an average 24-hour total turnaround time. Some samples collected on Friday afternoon were processed on Monday morning.

Current performance – 7-day fast turnaround

Since the outbreak began, Rako Science and IGENZ shifted to a 7 day a week operation in two shifts. Our volumes have substantially increased and yet our turnaround time has significantly decreased.

Rako Science's test processed by IGENZ remains the only diagnostically validated saliva test in New Zealand, designed to operate on a population scale in a pandemic. It is at least if not more sensitive than nasopharyngeal swabs.

Bonus fact: Rako Science can scale up volumes to meet demand and maintain turnaround times.

Note: With the support of Rako Science, IGENZ Ltd, a contracted testing laboratory, achieved IANZ accreditation for PCR saliva testing using the Rako Science methodology. The validation study was based on a set of contemporaneously collected paired saliva and nasopharyngeal samples.

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