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Defending against Delta

Updated: May 16, 2022

Like any good Hollywood movie, there is an inevitable sequel. And when the bad guys show up again, they are meaner, nastier, and out for revenge. Many New Zealand businesses had that in mind when they foresaw the return of COVID-19 as likely in the second half of 2021.

Rako Science has pioneered modelling of Covid spreading and we saw how fast the Delta variant was spread globally. It was inevitable that it would get through our border.

New Zealanders have become complacent with low rates of scanning and our testing rates have fallen away. Around the world, vaccines are doing an incredible job reducing the impact but, as we are learning, it will not stop the spread.

Businesses that want to maintain continuity have been quietly putting in place measures more than the minimum required by our government. They have enforced scanning, put masks in place and ensured good hygiene. Rako Science's customers include critical infrastructure businesses, for whom a sick workforce would at minimum cause mass disruption. At worst, it could mean the lights go out and the factory shuts down. They have implemented surveillance testing with our highly accurate saliva-based test. It takes less than the time to make a cup of tea – and it doesn’t hurt.

As we sit at home, hoping that we will once again eliminate COVID-19, it is a good time for reflection on what we can do. New Zealanders have faith in our government to do the right thing, but that isn’t an excuse to leave the problem to them. Have a think about how your business can be better organised against COVID-19 – it’s not going to go away.

We can all hope that the cavalry will arrive at the right time, but be prepared and have a prevention plan means the good guys can hang on till they do.

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