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Asia Pacific Healthcare Group strengthens its laboratory network with acquisition of Rako Science

Asia Pacific Healthcare Group (APHG) has strengthened its laboratory network and expanded its national testing capacity after signing an agreement to acquire Rako Science.

“Acquiring Rako Science enhances our ability to deliver innovative, accessible and efficient laboratory services for New Zealanders, and strengthens our capability to support better health outcomes for our communities and customers,” says APHG Chief Executive Anoop Singh.

“The core service offered by Rako Science is a COVID-19 saliva-based PCR test supporting the pre-departure travel market, as well as Māori, community groups and businesses.

“As restrictions have eased and COVID-19 testing volumes have significantly dropped, the acquisition ensures the continuity of Rako Science’s services to the communities and businesses they serve and retains scientific expertise and testing capacity.

“The laboratories which make up APHG have over 60 years’ experience in laboratory testing in New Zealand and APHG is committed to building on this capability to give New Zealanders even better access to laboratory testing, Mr Singh says.”

Rako Science Executive Director Leon Grice says joining the APHG network will further enhance national capability and the reach of its science and innovation.

“We are combining the innovation of Rako Science with the resources and capability of APHG - New Zealand’s largest laboratory network to provide better national services and better outcomes for all New Zealanders.

“We are excited that Rako Science will continue to operate as a stand-alone business within the APHG network. That allows us to deepen relationships with Rako customers, Māori health providers and the communities we serve. And it also allows us to continue to bring new science to New Zealanders to safeguard their health and wellbeing.

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