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Rako Science provides saliva-based COVID-19 surveillance testing at scale to protect New Zealand workers, businesses and vulnerable communities, and pre-departure PCR testing to international passengers leaving New Zealand.

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The approach

Rako Science has worked hard and fast to ensure that New Zealanders have access to the only diagnostically validated COVID-19 PCR saliva test in New Zealand, complete with IANZ accreditation (accreditation No. 987 IGENZ Ltd.).

Rako Science’s test was designed by University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign scientists Martin Burke, Paul Hergenrother, Timothy Fan, Fadi Alnaji, Christopher Brooke, Kelsie Green, Robin Holland, Diana Rose Ranoa, and Leyi Wang. They created a testing and mitigation strategy called covidSHIELD.  


Until COVID-19 ceases to disrupt our lifestyles, our travel and our business operations, testing will be needed across New Zealand, and it needs to be sustainable. And that’s why it’s crucial that our testing is non-invasive and painless, and is as accurate as nasal tests.

Pre-departure testing

Rako Science currently has locations in Auckland, Whangarei, Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Hawkes  Bay, New Plymouth, Wellington and Christchurch. Our saliva test is non-invasive and is also suitable for young children. PCR Travel Certificates are normally available within 6-12 hours of sample collections.

Our PCR Travel Certificates include QR codes allowing airlines and border authorities to verify authenticity online, and are successfully used at airline check-in and airport arrivals for international travellers to Asia, Europe and the USA.   

Workplace testing

Rako Science has been testing workplaces since January 2021 to prevent the spread COVID-19. Rako Science is delivering tailored solutions for some of New Zealand’s biggest organisations in a broad range of industries.

 Rako Science is currently providing COVID-19 testing to Genesis Energy, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare, Air New Zealand, Waipareira Trust, multiple major international film production companies and a wide range of small to medium sized businesses.

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